Many Kenyans are faced with abject poverty, despair and hunger. Every individual Kenyan and corporate company need to do something concrete in the support of poverty eradication. We are responsible in making that difference by helping eradicate poverty and together we can build a Kenya with an equal and developed society. Driving Kenya Foundation acts as a central hub for businesses and individuals who want to make that difference.

Driving Kenya Foundation (DKF) was started in 2003 as a public charitable entity, to corroborate with individuals and other partners in addressing the economic, social and technological aspects of issues affecting Kenyans. The Foundation’s primary objective was to address the myriads of problems and issues facing our country Kenya by looking for Kenyan solutions to our Kenyan issues.

The founder thought of a forum where we as Kenyans can engage with each other as we strive to seek the means which can eventually give us a country that we would be proud to bequeath to our children. The Foundation’s major campaign is to promote Kenyans and corporate companies in supporting poverty eradication initiatives. We seek to harness the collective power of both individuals and Kenya’s top corporations to fight poverty both at the local and national level.

This website which has been created with the help of Esther Passaris will highlight the many activities and projects organized by the Foundation. We will also account for the funds contributed by subscribers by giving periodic statements of accounts showing where donations have been applied. We pledge 95% of all donations will be used towards the projects and all monies shall be accounted for every two months.

Come and join us on this journey, which takes us from Mombasa to Kisumu, Namanga to Moyale and more…


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